Update from MSI, March 18, 2020: Are you working on research related to COVID-19? The conditions surrounding the COVID-19 epidemic are changing fast and Research Computing wants to do what we can to support and accelerate research and development that is directed toward solutions to this pandemic. If you are engaged in COVID-19 research, please contact us with a synopsis of your research and briefly describe how staff expertise or additional computational and data storage resources can help to advance and accelerate your research. We are working to develop “resource grants” for COVID-19 projects, which might include things like “code/workflow optimization,” “accelerated access to computing,” and “added allocations of storage” for COVID-19 related research. Your feedback will help us figure out how best to proceed. Please email MSI at [email protected] with the subject *COVID-19 Research*.


Research Computing staff are working diligently to ensure that systems and services remain largely unchanged by the recently announced steps being taken by the university to mitigate risks to students and staff from the COVID-19 virus. At this time all Research Computing HPC systems will remain operational and can be accessed remotely as usual. The only planned changes concern our walk-in Helpdesk services and in-person tutorials.  More specifically:

  • Research Computing Helpdesk Walk-in Support and Phone Support systems across all RC units will be unavailable.
  • Research Computing units will present all tutorials and workshops using Zoom or a similar tool until further notice.

As an alternative to in-person or “walk-in” and phone support, we encourage you to utilize our the Helpdesk video consultations offered through MSI. Helpdesk support for each of the RC units will also remain fully operational and staffed.  Please contact our helpdesk support through any of the following methods:

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Research Computing via email at [email protected].