Many species of the bacterium Methylobacterium have agricultural potential, since many species have been shown to stimulate plant growth, seed production, and seed germination in commercially important crops. The research group of Assistant Professor Jannell Bazurto (Plant and Microbial Biology and MSI PI) is using bioinformatics techniques to study Methylobacterium with a goal to understanding its physiology. The researchers are using random barcoded transposon sequencing (RB-TnSeq), a powerful variation on TnSeq, to study the role of formaldehyde in Methylobacterium metabolism.

The lab is using a UMII Updraft grant to develop a pipeline for data analysis of RB-TnSeq. The group uses computing resources at MSI for computational work for their research.

Research Computing partners:

  • University of Minnesota Informatics Institute
  • Minnesota Supercomputing Institute
seedlings sprouting out of soil