Staff Directory

The Director of Research Computing and corresponding units, including University of Minnesota Informatics Institute, is James Wilgenbusch.

For questions or inquiries, please contact our ​​​Director of Applications and Services, ​Dr. Thomas Pengo.

Thomas Pengo
Director of Applications and Services
(612) 301-9850
[email protected]
Cancer & Cardio Research Bldg, 1-220C
Campus mail:
Masonic Cancer Research Ctr
1st Floor Mailroom CCRB
2231 6th St SE


Juan E. Abrahante, Ph.D.

University of Minnesota Genomics Center Informatics Support; Next Generation Sequencing Genomics Analyst & Consultant, Manager

[email protected]

Arthur Eschenlauer, Ph.D.

Computational Biological Mass Spectrometry Senior Analyst

[email protected]

Trevor Gould, M.S.

MnDRIVE Metagenomics Support, Metagenomics Analyst and Consultant

[email protected]

Timothy Hendrickson

Neuroimaging Informatics Manager

[email protected]

Erik Lee

Neuroimaging Analyst

[email protected]

Thomas Pengo, Ph.D.

Director of Applications and Services, UMII; University Imaging Centers Support, Imaging Informatics Manager

[email protected]

Guichuan Yu, Ph.D.

Characterization Facility Support, Material Science Imaging Analyst and Consultant

[email protected]