Consulting services under Research Computing cover a broad range of research areas and project needs, from the physical and life sciences to the humanities. Research Computing encourages collaboration across all three units, attempting to link your project to the right expertise from the start. Consulting services vary from a brief one-on-one meeting to extended engagements. Research Computing staff are routinely included in sponsored projects, where on premise and highly trained professionals help to ensure the completion of project goals in a timely manner. Staff may also engage directly in the delivery of services for our private sector partners. If you would like to set up a consultation, please contact us at [email protected].

HPC Consulting

Our High-Performance Computing (HPC) consulting staff work with researchers to provide research groups with the necessary tools, training, and support to utilize the computational resources available at the University. Our HPC consulting staff assist with project planning, data analysis, data management, and pipeline or application development on HPC resources. Additionally, our experts regularly collaborate on research projects and grants, with scope ranging from a single consultation meeting to complex, multi-year research endeavors. HPC experts work firsthand with the University's computing resources on a daily basis, and they are equipped to advise researchers on the best methods and equipment to use for each step of the project cycle.

Informatics Consulting

Research Computing offers informatics consulting with our experts who specialize in analysis across a broad range of informatic and "omic" fields of study. Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, bioinformatics, agroinformatics, imaging, metagenomics, mass spectometry and proteomics, and sequencing analysis. Informatics experts are committed to assisting researchers with workflow and pipeline development, performing data analysis, and connecting researchers with the computational resources necessary for their research. Our experts have also cultivated close relationships with high-throughput facilities both on and off campus, making it easy for our consulting staff to determine the best solutions for any research project.

Geospatial Consulting

The geospatial consulting staff under Research Computing enrich the research community by applying a unique spatial perspective to research across all fields of study. Consulting staff extend their expertise in GIS applications, spatial computing, spatial data, hazard mitigation planning, and remote sensing to researchers of all disciplines on both short and long-term research projects. The goal of our consulting staff is to integrate spatial data, visualization, analysis, and spatial thinking into a broad spectrum of research to meet the growing demand for the geospatial perspective. Our staff works with both public and private organizations to offer their unique skillsets to all members of the community. Geospatial consulting experts are available on both the Twin Cities and Duluth campuses.

Data Wrangling

Research Computing offers data wrangling services that streamline the migration of datasets from data sources to their destinations. With dedicated data wrangling staff and close partnerships with many high-throughput facilities, Research Computing assists research with data structure, storage, and accessibility to facilitate data management during the research process. Research Computing staff are equipped to coordinate with users and facilities to develop and sustain secure data transfer protocols, and to ensure that data is transferred efficiently and effectively through all stages of research and analysis.