Leadership and Administration

The Research Computing leadership team unites the three Research Computing units in order to fulfill the overarching mission: to provide user-oriented support for computational research across the University. Leadership in each unit work together to encourage cross-unit collaboration and knowledge sharing to provide a diverse portfolio of services and expertise to the research community.

Headshot of Jim Wilgenbusch

Jim Wilgenbusch
Director of Research Computing

Headshot of Graham Allan

Graham Allan
Director of Development and Operations

Headshot of Thomas Pengo

Thomas Pengo
Co-Director of Research Informatics

Headshot of Maren Macgregor-Hannah

Maren Macgregor-Hannah
Senior Research Project Manager
Research Computing

Headshot of Ben Lynch

Ben Lynch

Headshot of Jim Ferguson

Jim Ferguson
Director of Outreach and Training
Research Computing

Headshot of Naomi Hospodarsky

Naomi Hospodarsky
Research Security and Compliance Analyst
Research Computing

Headshot of Jessica Velguth

Jessica Velguth
Research Computing Liaison
Research Computing

Headshot of Rebecca von Dissen

Rebecca von Dissen
Administrative Associate
Research Computing

Headshot of Len Kne

Len Kne

Headshot of Christine Henzler

Christine Henzler
Co-Director of Research Informatics

Headshot of Brian Carlton

Brian Carlton
Director of Finance and Research Administration
Research Computing

Headshot of Sarah Landwehr

Sarah Landwehr
Administrative Lead
Research Computing