Institutional CyberInfrastructure Group (ICIG)

The Institutional CyberInfrastructure Group (ICIG) seeks to advance the strategic alignment of technology-related activities at all levels of the University through the coordination of research cyberinfrastructure (CI) initiatives between various University providers. The ICIG engages and consults with a variety of campus groups to facilitate communication and collaboration related to CI activities across the University system. The ICIG works closely with the Research Cyberinfrastructure Champion Network (RCC) by providing resources, sponsorship, and strategic direction to help define the priorities within cross-cutting CI initiatives that have an impact on the University research enterprise. In addition, the ICIG also periodically reviews the University’s Research Data Management Policy




The ICIG is comprised of a partnership between the primary UMN organizations that provide campus-wide cyberinfrastructure services and support, including the University Libraries, the Office of Information Technology, and Research Computing. Members of the ICIG committee meet periodically to discuss current initiatives.

ICIG Members

Cody Hanson, University Libraries
Dan Stocker, Infrastructure, Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Colby Reese, Health Sciences Technology (OIT)
Jim Wilgenbusch, Research Computing (OVPR)