Research Cyberinfrastructure Champion Network (RCC)

The goal of the Research Cyberinfrastructure Champion Network (RCC) is to improve alignment and collaboration between storage service providers and the user community. The collaborative efforts of the RCC will enhance the user experience and provide a coordinated approach to storage at the University of Minnesota.

The Research Cyberinfrastructure Champion Network reports to the Institutional Cyberinfrastructure Group (ICIG) and has broad membership across the University system, including collegiate and system campus representatives, the Academic Health Center, the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Office of Information Technology, the University Libraries, and more. This network of data storage experts support and make accessible the abundant, growing data storage resources across multiple locations, platforms, and technologies at the University of Minnesota.


The Research Cyberinfrastructure Champion Network achieves its role by the following mechanisms:

  • providing a cross organizational forum to promote information sharing among experts within the University’s research CI
  • providing regular opportunities for members to learn about the new and existing elements of the University’s research CI portfolio;
  • providing members with training opportunities aimed at developing a greater understanding of the resources and services available to support research at the University
  • gathering input to identify and address specific needs related to the University’s research CI and to advise the Institutional Cyberinfrastructure Group (ICIG) on matters related to the UMN’s research CI
  • providing members with a broadly informed view of UMN’s research CI, so they can advise UMN researchers, faculty, and staff. 


To browse the available resources for users and champions, please visit the Research Cyberinfrastructure Champion Network homepage.


Charles Nguyen, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, Polar Geospatial Center
Dan McDonald, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science