Staff List

Headshot of Len Kne

Len Kne

Director, Twin Cities
[email protected] | (612) 624-7591
Proposal consultation, project development, database design, humanitarian relief

Len Kne Curriculum Vitae

A photo of Olena Boiko

Olena Boiko

GIS Developer, Twin Cities
[email protected]
Remote sensing, earth systems, environmental research 
Olena Boiko Curriculum Vitae

Steve Graham

Research Associate, Duluth
[email protected] | (218) 726-6081
Data consultation, flood modeling, systems administration, asset management, field data collection
Steve Graham Curriculum Vitae

Headshot of Jess Mulcrone

Jess Mulcrone

GIS Specialist, Twin Cities
[email protected]

Geospatial analysis, data visualization, and climate change adaptation

A photo of David Ortega, GIS Technician

David Ortega

GIS Technician, Twin Cities
[email protected]
Geospatial analysis, hazard mitigation planning

David Ortega Curriculum Vitae

Zachary Vavra

GIS Specialist, Duluth
[email protected] | (218) 726-6871
Instruction, field data collection, Hazard Mitigation Planning

Zachary Vavra Curriculum Vitae

A photo of Stacey Stark smiling into the camera

Stacey Stark

Associate Director, Duluth
[email protected] | (218) 726-7438
Project management, data consultation, K12 education, Hazard Mitigation Planning

Stacey Stark Curriculum Vitae

Headshot of Dena Coffman

Dena Coffman

GIS Specialist, Twin Cities
[email protected] 

Climate change adaptation, geospatial analysis, cartography for U-Spatial and

Melinda Kernik

Spatial Data Analyst & Curator, Twin Cities
[email protected] | (612) 301-3932
Metadata, Data Mgmt & Digital Humanities consultations, instruction

Melinda Kernik Curriculum Vitae

Marylee Murphy

GIS Specialist, Duluth
[email protected] 
Application development, data management, water resources

Marylee Murphy Curriculum Vitae

Headshot of Matthew Tabaka

Matthew Tabaka

GIS Specialist, Twin Cities
[email protected] 

Data analysis and visualization, open source geospatial, web mapping

Pete Wiringa

Geospatial Operations Manager, Twin Cities
[email protected] | (612) 624-7591
GIS application development, web mapping, data consultation, data management, systems administration
Pete Wiringa Curriculum Vitae

Photo of Shaam Adam

Shaam Adam

GIS Technician, Twin Cities
[email protected] 
Geospatial analysis, data management, water resources, sustainable development goals

Shaam Adam Curriculum Vitae

Shana Crosson

Spatial Technology Consultant, Twin Cities
[email protected]
StoryMaps, Digital Humanities consultations, teaching with GIS, instruction
Shana Crosson Curriculum Vitae

Jane Lindelof

Project Coordinator, Duluth
[email protected]
Hazard mitigation planning, risk communication, SDGs

Jane Lindelof Curriculum Vitae

Ryan Noe

Geospatial Developer, Twin Cities
[email protected] 
Geospatial analysis, application development, data consultation, ecosystem services

Ryan Noe Curriculum Vitae

Photo of Jeff Thompson

Jeffery A. Thompson

HPC Geospatial Data Scientist, Twin Cities
[email protected] 
Geospatial workflows, remote sensing, climate, spatial statistics

Jeffery A. Thompson Curriculum Vitae

Research Assistants

Emily Bender

Graduate Research Assistant, Twin Cities
[email protected]

Lindsey Butler

Research Assistant, Twin Cities
[email protected]

Marcus Huntsinger

Research Assistant, Twin Cities
[email protected]

Jonathan Kivisto

Research Assistant, Twin Cities
[email protected]

Kyle Olson

Graduate Research Assistant, Twin Cities
[email protected]

Tzu Yu Ma

Graduate Research Assistant, Twin Cities
[email protected]

Sriram Ramaswamy

Research Assistant, Twin Cities
[email protected]

Seren Smore

Research Assistant, Twin Cities
[email protected] 


Former Staff

Kris Johnson (2011-14), Twin Cities
Lucas Winzenburg (2012-17), Twin Cities
Molly McDonald (2012-14), Twin Cities
Taylor Long (2013-15), Twin Cities
Yingbin (Ben) Liang (2013-15), Twin Cities
Yilun (Allen) Lin (2013-15), Twin Cities
Agata Miszczyk (2013-15), Twin Cities
Yiqun (Ian) Xie( 2013-15), Twin Cities
Corey Betchwars (2014), Twin Cities
Steve Peyton (2015-16), Twin Cities
Teran Smith (2015-16), Twin Cities
Katie Stinebaugh (2015-17), Twin Cities
Rebecca Barney (2015-18), Twin Cities
Jacob Hartle (2015-18), Twin Cities
Coleman Shepard (2015-18), Twin Cities
Brittany Krzyzanowski (2015-19), Twin Cities 
Sharvari Sangle (2016), Twin Cities
Steve Schmidt (2016), Twin Cities
Dan Cahoun (2016), Duluth
Britta Hardel (2016), Duluth
Amanda Huber (2016), Duluth
Kyle Seifert (2016), Duluth
Gerrit VanderWaal (2016), Duluth
Josh Donato (2016-17), Twin Cities
Grace Johnson (2016-17), Twin Cities
Jeff Kropelnicki (2016-17), Twin Cities
Alex Nelson (2017), Duluth
Pam Potempa-Rivers (2017), Twin Cities
Jacob Arndt (2016-18), Twin Cities
Jacqueline Cassman (2017-18), Twin Cities
Arie Peterson (2017-18), Twin Cities
Ya Tao (2018), Twin Cities
Morgan Larson (2018), Duluth
Siona Roberts (2018), Duluth
Paul Jacobs (2018-19) Twin Cities
Han Bao (2018-19), Twin Cities
Jiateng Xu (2018-19), Twin Cities
Nels Anderson (2019), Duluth
Sophia Green (2019), Duluth
Sam Winters-Smith (2019), Twin Cities
John Zymslony (2019), Duluth
Micaella Penning (2010-20)
Anders Hopkins (2020)
Travis Ormsby (2019-20)
Avian Ciganko-Ford (2019-20)
Luke Henry (2019-20)
Christopher Saladin (2018-20)
Adam Null (2019-20)
Roopana Vuppalapati Chenchu (2020-21)

Jacob Moser (2020-21)
Audrey Hyke (2020-21)
Brian Coan (2020-21)
Caitlyn Dibble (2021)
Cecelia Isaac (2020-22)
Ryan Kizewski (2021-22)
Ziwei Zhang (2021-22)

Andrew Smith (2021-23)
Emily Lockling (2022-23)
Kate Carlson (2017-23)
Taylor Andersen-Beaver (2022-2024)
Luke Zaruba (2023-2024)
Will Arent (2023)
Katie Hauer (2020-2024)
Diego Osorio (2023-2024)